Michigamme was founded of lumbering and mining operations in the early 1870's.  Much of it's early growth was dependent upon iron-ore mining operations at the nearby Michigamme Mine.  The Imperial Mine in neighboring Spurr Township in Baraga County also played a role in the development of Michigamme.  The major mines have long been abbandoned, with the last located in Baraga County, closing in the late 1950's.  Lumbering activities have historically been important and the forest product industry continues to be a part of Michigamme's economy. 
Michigamme Township has numerous lakes, among them is Lake Michigamme, the largest inland lake in Marquette County.  Lake Michigamme is slightly over 6.6 square miles in area, with a maximum depth of 72 feet.  It's elevation above mean sea level is 1,550 feet.
Wooded and rugged terrain, moderate summer climate, and high air quality combine to make the area aesthetically attractive.  The areas greatest assets is it's natural scenic beauty.
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